Tuesday, September 2, 2008

news as it happens!

But not really exciting news, so don't be disappointed.

Darren and I made it to another safe harbor in Alexandria today, which was battered overnight by the storm. At least half the city is without power and trees are down all over. Things have calmed down now, the wind is in the 15 knot range and it's raining moderately.

We managed to contact one of Darren's pals, Adam, in the Lower Nine this afternoon, and he did a drive-by of our facility on El Dorado Street. No trees down on any of our buildings, or anyone else's on the street, so we're alright. He said there were some shingles in the street, but couldn't tell where they came from. So, maybe some roof repair and we'll be back in business, then we can get to our residents' houses and repair any damage to the finished houses and get back to work on the rest.

The city has said that business owners are going to be allowed back in tomorrow, so, lowernine.org being a business, albeit a non-profit one, Dirty D and I will try and run the blockade tomorrow, with the rest of the troops having received the word to return on Thursday.

I'll let everyone exactly what we find when we get there, and try and post some pictures...

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